Let plants reclaim the urban landscape!

Vertical gardening

Vertical gardens are not just beautiful, they are also extremely practical: they allow us to create lush gardens in even the smallest of spaces, and to enjoy home- grown salad in a balcony apartment.
Before the Spiral Planter, you could only plant a few types of plants (such as herbs, flowers or strawberries) in limited garden space. So many other types of plants, especially vegetables, require lots of root space to thrive well.
The Spiral Planter offers a solution to these constraints! The spiral-shaped, vertical design not only provides enormous root space, but also multiplies the usable plantable area. Tomatoes, aubergines, squashes are all no longer off-limits in your gardening. Now the only challenge will be how to arrange all your new plants together!

The horizontal plant beds increase the available planting area
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