The Spiral Planter

What’s special about the Spiral Planter?

More than just a flower bed

With a surface area of 1.5 m² the Spiral Planter quadruples the surface area of normal plant beds, and offers space to over 100 plants. Unlike other vertical planting solutions which consist of many, smaller plant beds, the Spiral consists of just one raised bed with soil all the way through. This amazing root space lends itself to deep rooted plants and enables a greater variety of plants to grow together. The greater volume of soil allows for much better water and nutrient absorption, helping you grow healthier plants.

And to make sure that transporting and constructing the Spiral Planter will always be stress-free, we have created an easy to use kit. The kit consists of multiple parts that fit together effortlessly without the need of tools.

Last but not least, with the Spiral Planter it is not just your plants which will look beautiful: with its elegant design it is a wonderful centrepiece to any garden or balcony.

Individual heights

The simple kit makes it possible to adjust the height of the Spiral Planter according
to your needs. Our standard kits are available in Medium and Large, each with a
raised bed and 19 or 25 levels. More details can be found here