Shipping within EU

Shipping partners

Our shipping partner for deliveries within European Union is DPD

Delivery areas

We ship in following countries within EU (excl. overseas territories):

Zone 1: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria
Zone 2: Denmark, Liechtenstein, Switzerland (+50 € export surcharge), Czech Republic
Zone 3: France, Great Britain, Monaco
Zone 4: Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary
Zone 5: Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain
Zone 6: Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway (+50 € export surcharge)
Zone 7: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland (+50 € export surcharge), Romania, Serbia

Additional countries upon request.

Shipping costs
The Spiral Planter is shipped in multiple packages. The number of packages will range between two and five, according to material and size.

Number of packages:

Spiral Planter MINI:
Spiral Planter Plywood Large: 3
Spiral Planter Steel Medium: 4
Spiral Planter Steel Large: 5

The shipping costs are as follows: 

Zone 1: 12 €/package
Zone 2: 14 €/package
Zone 3: 18 €/package
Zone 4: 22 €/package
Zone 5: 26 €/package
Zone 6: 30 €/package
Zone 7: 58 €/package

Additional countries upon request.

In orders of more than one Spiral Planter in one delivery we might use a haulier at reduced shipping costs. In this case we will come back to you with a customized offer

Delivery times

The delivery time within EU is 3-7 working days for in-stock items depending on the destination country.