Plywood Spiral Planter

Plywood generally refers to wooden panels which consist of several layers of wood. The layers we use are printing plates, but are double sided and have a smooth surface. As a result, the material has a high resistance to moisture, mould and fungus. The 15mm thick plates are made of 11 layers of European birch, which are waterproofed and coated with a phenolic resin. This makes this plywood one of the most stable and weather-resistant wooden materials.

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    The ‘Achilles Heel’ of this material are the cut edges: the waterproof glue makes it harder for moisture to penetrate the wood, but the wood will slowly absorb some moisture. In order to extend durability see care instructions.

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    To ensure maximum durability we recommend regularly oiling the cut edges of your wooden Spiral Planter. To protect the material in the damp winter months we also recommend covering the Spiral Planter or storing in a dry place.

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    Plywood is a composite material and can easily be disposed of in small quantities in household waste. Larger quantities can be disposed of via collection points for waste wood.