The Urbanga team

Who we are!

We are Jan, Teresa, and Nathan  Lanvers – and our new start up develops innovative solutions to aid vertical gardening.
We want to transform urban concrete deserts into green oases with the help of our designs, enabling everyone to enjoy self-harvested vegetables. This is all possible with our patented Spiral Planter – a vertical garden that makes it possible to cultivate and grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables even in the smallest of spaces.
Jan is an ecologist, farmer and agriculturalist (M.Sc.) and laid the foundations for our young family business in 2016 with the invention of the Spiral Planter.
Recently, the three of us have been working together on new ideas, for example an automatic irrigation system for the Spiral Planter. We are looking forward to creating a wonderful and green future with you! 

What is important to us!

Regional production

We would be able to slash costs if we produced the Spiral Planter abroad and then shipped it thousands of kilometres to its final destination. But by doing that, we would be cutting costs at the wrong end, and we would damaging employee rights and contributing to environmental degradation. This is why we are committed to producing out products regionally and ethically.

No disposable materials!

The selection of both our materials and our suppliers is based on very strict sustainability criteria:
we use durable, weather-resistant materials that you can enjoy for years to come. In addition, we continue to search for new materials which may have a better environmental footprint.